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Dinosaur or Dummy?

I’m sixty years of age. That sounds so strange. I don’t feel sixty. I don’t think sixty. What the mirror tells me and what my mind tells me are two completely different things. The mirror tells me I am sixty. It does so through the wrinkles, grey beard, and greying hair. It also shows me that there are scars from past battles. Some of them can barely be seen they are so old. Some of them are fairly fresh. If some of them are that old I must be sixty. I guess the mirror doesn’t lie does it?
My mind tells me I’m still twenty-five, can eat nails for lunch, jump tall buildings in a single leap, conquer any challenge, and faithfully fulfill God’s calling on my life.
One of the miracles of having lived sixty years on this earth is that you get to gain some valuable experience through both your victories and defeats. There’s been some of both. Not sure in the end on which side the scale will tilt.
The downside to sixty years is that the next generation, which often doesn’t respect that experience, tells you that your way is not the right way and therefore your existence and experience is of little value.
Every generation does it. Mine, the baby boomers, were probably the worst of any generation before us. We knew it all, had all the answers. Just get out of our way and let us get it done.
Now I am sixty. I don’t know how many years of active ministry I have left in me. I know I must prepare the next generation to take my place. That may be the most important task I have in the Kingdom right now. I believe it is.
Thus the dilemma. In so many of their eyes I am a dinosaur that just needs to give it up and pass into extinction! I don’t feel like a dinosaur. I don’t feel that my usefulness is finished. I don’t feel that my experience is useless. I don’t even feel outdated or outmoded! I still feel like an innovator, initiator, ready to get my second wind (sometimes at least) and take the world by storm!
So I am stuck on the horns of a dilemma. I don’t know if I really am a dinosaur or if I’m just a dummy for thinking I’m not. Dinosaur or Dummy. I guess I must be one of them.
But wait, could there be a third option? How about Distinguished? Yea,I like that one! It certainly feels better than Extinguished! Or Extinct. Not sure I’m ready to accept that. So I’ll go down fighting to the last breath I guess. I want to finish the race, not get yanked off the track. I am dinosaur hear me roar!

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