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With all the talk about, and with some states legalizing weed, I thought you might appreciate this story.  So I’m sitting in an airport waiting for my flight.   A buddy called me and told me he had “scored” (drug talk) two air conditioning units for cheap!  One was 4 tons and the other 5 tons at a fraction of their value!  He needed one for his home and the other for his barn he runs his business out of.  I said,  “Wow man!  How did you manage a deal like that?”

“Well”, he said, “it seems that some dude was renting three buildings from a woman and he was growing a huge crop of weed in those buildings.”  Now for those of you who are uninitiated in the finer points of the agronomy of the “magical, mystical, plant”, it takes a lot of light to grow it indoors.  Huge lights that pull a lot of power.  The temperature also has to be kept in a reasonable range.  So these guys have to set up huge lights indoors along with these big air-conditioner units.  ( I refuse to divulge how I know this)  The problem is that if the operation is big enough (and this one was) the amount of power required is more than the typical transformer can handle and the transformer will blow! So, “weed warriors” will usually set up their own generators to supply enough power so as not to overload the transformers.   That can get them caught!
This guy had everything in place and his operation was going at full speed.  Lights, air, generators, and the plants were thriving!  Everything was great.   He could already see the cash that was going to come from this operation.    

But as Roseanne Rosannadanna said, “It’s always something.”  Sure enough one of his generators went out and the added pull on the transformer caused it to blow.  When the electric company came to check the transformer things went downhill fast for the “weed warrior”.   Next thing he knew he was doing the perp walk with the DEA and the owner of the building was liquidating everything she could to re-coup her losses on the lease that he obviously was not going to be able to pay out.  (Side Note:  The DEA didn’t let her sell the weed)

So she put the air units on a public sales site and my friend makes out like a bandit!

Now there are many lessons that immediately came to mind.  Here’s a few.

1      If you can’t do the time don’t do the crime.  That one isn’t very original. 

2      Your secrets will always find you out. 

3      What you hide will eventually hurt.

David acknowledged the destruction of secrets when he recounted how he was dying from the inside out while keeping the secret of his sin.

For when I kept silent, my bones wasted away through my groaning all day long.  For day and night your hand was heavy upon me; my strength was dried up as by the heat of the summer.”  Psalm 32:3-4

Imagine the daily anxiety the “weed warrior” must have been living in with his “secret!”  Secrets create fear, anxiety, suspicion, always looking over your shoulder wondering when someone is going to discover your “secret.”  Remember Christ follower, (this guy obviously wasn’t) the only way to live a life of “peace that passes all comprehension” (Philippians 4:7) is to live without secrets. 

What are your secrets?  What are you hiding and living in fear that someone is going to find out?  It takes a lot of energy to keep secrets and one of these days that transformer is going to overload and blow!  It’s much better to just keep a slate clean of secrets along the way so the overload never causes an explosion!

By the way, the last question I asked my friend was, “I hope you changed the filters on that unit before you installed it in your home.”  He thought for a moment and said, “You know I don’t think I did!  Maybe that’s why we’ve all been sitting on the sofa staring at the walls and have consumed 10 bags of potatoes chips in the last couple of days!” 

Yep, that’s the munchies for sure.  Change the filter. 

Better than that folks.  Learn the lesson of the “Weed Warrior.”  Your secrets will get you in the end.  Get rid of them.

City On a Hill vision statement:

“Making Church a SafePlace for people to let go of their secrets.

Providing a SafeProcess for people to experience emotional/spiritual maturity in Christ.”


It’s been a while since I blogged. Several reasons for that but this one just had to come out.  Because I am an avid outdoorsman this research really caught my eye.  It seems that ethologists (scientists who study animal behavior) have discovered something really interesting about turkeys (the gobble gobble kind not the human kind).  Specifically about mother turkeys.  It seems that their nurturing instinct is “triggered” by the cheep-cheep sound of their chicks.  When they hear that sound they kick into full turkey nurturing mode.  If the chick doesn’t chirp the mother will often ignore it and sometimes even kill it!

This intrigued the ethologists so they did an experiment.  The polecat ( catch-all term for several different types of carnivorous weasel type creatures such as a ferret, skunk etc.) is a natural enemy to the mother turkey and her chicks.  Researchers stuffed a polecat, tied a string on it and pitched it in the vicinity of the mother turkey. She immediately went on the attack!  But then when they put a tape inside the stuffed polecat that emitted the “cheep-cheep” of a turkey chick she would kick into full nurturing mode again  Even with the stuffed polecat!  So strong is the trigger of that sound in her that it overcomes everything else.   Ethologists have discovered that this type of  “trigger” behavior is not unique to mother turkeys but has been found in a wide range of species.

Now we know that animals act out of instinct.  Instinct is a God-given mechanism in these animals that they don’t think about, have no control over, and don’t even understand.  It just happens.

As I read this research my thinking immediately went to humans.  We don’t operate by instinct, but by choice, reason, and most often, imbedded patterns of behavior from experiences in life.  Thus, we develop “triggers.”  We, like the turkey, usually don’t recognize why the trigger is there, where it came from, or that we are even acting in response to it.  In other words our ”triggers” are not a part of instinct but are most often the product of experience.

For instance, why is it that when you are in a certain environment a specific kind of feeling comes over you or a very predictable pattern of behavior gets repeated in your life?   Someone acts toward you in a certain way and suddenly there is the predictable reaction.  That’s a trigger.  Sometimes these triggers can be positive in nature and helpful to others and ourselves.  But often they are negative.  They result in behavior that is destructive, demeaning, and dysfunctional.  The results are never good.  The trigger gets pulled, the hammer comes down, and the bullet leaves the barrel.  Destruction is the result.

The process of sanctification (to use a theological term), or transformation, becoming like Christ, is a process of identifying those triggers that are deeply imbedded in our flesh, understanding what events, wounds, and experiences created those triggers, and then allowing the “renewing of the mind” of Romans 12:2 and the “taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ” of 2 Corinthians 10:5 to bring change.  When the change is real the hammer comes down to a safety position and the trigger becomes ineffective.  That’s when real and lasting change happens.

Each of us have our triggers that are unique and our own.  So, let’s talk turkey.  What are your triggers?  What are you doing anything about them?


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