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Beware The Pillow

I ride a Harley.  I love my Harley.  I got my first motorcycle when I was 12 years old!  So I’ve had a motorcycle longer than I’ve had a car.  I must confess, I hate my helmet.  It’s hot, cumbersome, and takes away from the experience of the ride.  There is just something free and easy about riding with the wind whipping through your hair!  In the state of Texas it’s legal to ride without a helmet if you are at least 18 years of age.  Eighteen is a long way in my rear-view mirror so I’m legal!

In spite of that, I ALWAYS wear my helmet.  Except when I don’t.  Seriously, I do most often wear my helmet because my wife and children have told me so many times that I need to do it for them, if not for myself. 

So I wear my helmet.  However, recently I was in a hurry to get out of the house and couldn’t find my helmet.  So, I rationalized that I would be “extra” careful.  Well, I got caught!  Both my daughter, who is a pediatric trauma nurse practitioner at a local children’s hospital, and my wife saw me without my helmet!  My daughter, who treats children with traumatic head injuries that could have been avoided if they had worn their helmet, shot me a nasty text message.  You’ll be glad to know I didn’t’ read the text while on my Harley!  Later, when my wife of 34 years came home, she calmly said, “If you ever get sick or hurt and I have to feed you through a straw for the rest of your life I will do it.  But if you get hurt because of being stupid and not wearing your helmet, all bets are off!  I will pillow you in the middle of the night and be done with it!”

Seriously, she said it!  She was joking of course.  I think.  Now I have two motives for sharing this story.  One is to make an important point.  The other is that just in case I suddenly die in my sleep of no obvious cause you might know who to question about it!  Just kidding…a little. 

Here’s the point.  Our individual choices, decision, and actions never only affect us! Every choice we make always affects others.  The only way for that not to be true is to live on a deserted island and never interact with another human being.  Then we could do anything we darned well pleased and nobody else would be affected.  Not many of us live on that deserted island, and if we did, after the new wore off, we would be building signal fires, writing SOS in the sand, and scouring the horizon for ships that might rescue us off that island.

Then we would be right back where we were before.  Inter-connected with other people.  Deeply affected by some of their decisions and choices and vice-versa.

You see that is how God intended it to be.  He didn’t create us to live in isolation but intimately connected in Community.  That is absolutely the way He intends His followers to live.  That truth is expressed in so many ways in the New Testament image of the Church.  The Church is a Body and we are individually members of it.  The Church is a family and we are individually members of that family.  The church is a building (not physical but spiritual) and we are individually pieces of that spiritual building that has Christ as its cornerstone.

Most clearly of all however are all of the “One Another” passages of the New Testament.  Love one another, pray for one another, bear one another’s burdens, encourage one another, exhort one another and on and on.  There are twenty-something “One Another’s” in the New Testament.  Sounds like Jesus means for us to be connected in community with one another.  And if that is true then no decision I make affects only me. 

Watch out!  Someone might want to pillow you for some stupid, selfish decision that you make!  You might just deserve it.  I’m just sayin…..



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